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Let me introduce myself in a nutshell: my name is Iren Puj and I grew up in an artist family in Gyula, Hungary. I’m happy to call London my home since 2007.


As a child, I loved enamels and I spent most of my summers at art camps with my sculptor father. After all those creative and productive childhood years, my family supported me to take art seriously and I decided to dedicate my career to it and studied painting at the University of Timisoara, Faculty of Art, Romania. Studying art did not only give me the opportunity to meet great artists and future artists, but it enabled me to be awarded a Scholarship from the Romanian & Hungarian Government for excellent study.


My work is mainly characterised by sense of colour and abstraction of the subject matter. I’m profoundly interested in the effects of colour, texture and different materials. I mostly use symbols to express my feelings with a limited palette of 2-6 colours, preferably using oil.


Thank you for visiting and please do leave your thoughts & inspirations if you have any through our community page.




Iren Puj



Have a specific Space to fill in your home or office?

Are you an interior designer who is in a need of abstract art for a project?


Let’s talk! Commissions are a perfect way to thoughtfully finish or begin a room with art that has a custom size, colour palette and subject matter to meet your aesthetic.

About me
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