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Art for healing

Stress is a huge part of our lives, whether it is rooted in work, personal relationships, the past or even school. Stress can have many negative effects on our lives physically & psychologically which can lead to overeating, alcohol consumption, depression, aggressivity & many more. It’s important to know that stress can be managed effectively and in a fun way! Using art in your daily life helps you to keep your stress levels low and your contentedness high.

You can be your own therapist!

Drawing, colouring, painting, and sculpting are all examples of art forms that can be used as a means of therapy. Using art as a medium for healing promotes self-exploration, understanding, self-esteem, and awareness. Using your imagination, colours, shapes, and design, helps you to express your thoughts and feelings without using words. You don’t need to be a talented artist as the goal is not to create a masterpiece but to express yourself freely through art.

Art improves the lives of many people. It can help people who have been exposed to loss or trauma. It can support people in overcoming addiction and mental health disorders. It’s also a common expressive therapy for children. The great thing about art is that it can help the lives of so many people – even if you do not have a major concern or illness. Art is beneficial to people who experience the stress of everyday modern life.

I am not an art therapist, I am an artist & art teacher. Few years ago, I was teaching art privately from home and here is my personal experience in using art as a therapy.

Alex was 8 years old when his mum contacted me for art lessons. Alex had some social & communication issues and he was mildly on the autistic spectrum. After less than a year he become more social, he made friends at school, he learned to manage his feelings & behaviour. Now he is doing his GCSE and doing brilliantly. His brother Dylan was about the same age, 8 years old when he started lessons with me. He had some social emotional and behavioural difficulties. He is now 13 years old and doing incredibly well as well at school and in personal life. I am really proud of them!! 💙💙

Why Art is so beneficial for children?


: Art promotes creativity

: Art helps kids understand themselves and

their world

: Art envourages neural connections

: Art builds fine motor skills

: Scribbling is a precursor to writing

: Art develops problem-solving abilities

: Art helps kids connect Here are 100 Art Therapy Exercises for you to do at home!

With love,


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